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Welcome! Here is information on what I do as a leadership, career coach & facilitator. My associates and I provide the tools, guidance, and support for you to make changes in your work and in your lives.

Working with You

Change Consultants

Health Care, Social Care and the Charity Sector are the spaces where we most often work. I and other colleagues see Doctors and other care professionals, leaders, managers. All are at critical moments in their lives; people contact us wanting assistance to tackle a tricky work or life issue and are ambitious to change.  We coach you through that incubation time and support you to make change happen.

What's Being Said


‘I am really grateful for the preparation work we did before the interview, I was successful. Even though the interview was really probing, I felt able to cope with it, thank you!’

Senior Doctor applying for a leadership post

'Thanks coach for your wise words of support! It made all the difference and gave me that extra bit of confidence I needed to believe in myself!'

Consultant following successful job interview

'The work has made my mind spin, it has been really helpful in me finding new ways to see things that have been so difficult. Thank you.'

Senior Leader in a Not for Profit Care Provider

'Thank for creating an open environment, one where I have been able to comfortably explore all parts of myself. You have re-ignited my passions that I thought were long lost

Doctor P

'Before working with you, I thought that adults didn't really change; with you coaching me, I now I see I have changed!'

Doctor in Training

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 A bit about me

I am an executive coach, coach supervisor and facilitator. I am a Master's graduate in Coaching and Behavioural Change. With 20 years’ experience as a leader, I have worked in positions across large complex organisations such as Clinical and Social Care Commissioning agencies, Health Care Trusts, Local Authorities and the charity sector.
I work with individuals and with associates, all colleagues from a variety of sectors. Our focus is on generative listening, enabling individuals to find their own direction and we work alongside them to get there.
My track record is in working with senior clinicians, executives and managers at all levels and am well practised in facilitating boards and senior teams to reach common ground, develop strategies  and improve performance. All my work is underpinned by extensive organisational knowledge and experience.
I Chair Cruse Bereavement Care Oxfordshire and enjoy a healthy and full family life.

Leadership and Careers Consultant and Coach

2014 - Current

Assistant Director, Older People's Commissioning, Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group


Head of Integrated Mental Health Commissioning,

Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust


Head of Mental Health Services, 

Greenwich Social Services


Coaching and support that is right for you. 
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We  offer a professional bespoke, knowledge based service to individuals or organisations. We listen to you, hear and understand your intentions and work alongside you to ensure you achieve them.


Team Coaching and Facilitation


Specific Coaching




Executive Coaching


Psychometric Testing: Qualified MBTI Practitioner

Director, Greenwich Mental Health Services, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust


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