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My Perspective on the World

I subscribe to the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors.


My approach to life is through a shared commitment of compassion with others; its about , caring, building trust, kindness and generosity, happiness, eternal optimism. I believe there is an inner spark of inherent goodness within each of us which joins us in our common humanity.

This is at my core, around it my dominant approach as a coach/supervisor  to see people through a lens of social and racial justice, and of equity.  It is all about exploration and listening through coaching or coaching supervision, and using somatic and mindfulness approaches to the work I do.


I am passionate about coaching and supervision, using it as a joint exploration with the people with whom I work and enabling them to find the integrity of their journey. This is done through examining their dilemmas with them, unfolding their barriers and them discovering new horizons in their lives.

I value inclusion, celebrate diversity and am committed to taking a stance against systemic processes of power (particularly racism)  which work against these principles.

I live through a political and ecological systemic perspective in relation to climate justice and the impact of it on every level of our lives.

Working with Associates 


Whilst a lot of my work is solo, sometimes it is enhanced byinvolving an Associate. This will be if a group is large, or a team has a complex set of roles and/or conflicting responsibilities, for example.


I am fortunate to have a large network of colleagues who can be invited to a partner me in such circumstances. All share my values and standards, whilst bringing other perspectives and experiences to the project.

Professional Memberships

I am a member of the following professional organisations:

The Association for Coaching

The Climate Coaching Alliance

The Association of Coaching Supervisors

The British Psychological Society – Special Group in Coaching Psychology -


The Philosopher’s Stone Collective -

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