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Team Coaching & Facilitation

I start with an investigative session with you to understand your ambitions. I follow this with a bespoke plan; this illustrates how I (possibly with an associate) will work in partnership with you to guide the team to reach your desired outcomes. All of us work together and achieve the agreed results; it may take one or more sessions - its your choice.


Executive Coaching

Our worlds are full of pressures, it’s hard to find direction, and often we feel as though we don’t know where we belong. The search is for change, yet were do we begin?

My coaching supports people to find their direction. We work on a one to one basis, in a calm, trusting space. The first session is a free exploration with you to discover your strengths and understand what you want to achieve. This gives us both a chance to see if we work well together.


I use interesting and innovative techniques and a mindful approach to explore your inner stories, your emotional tattoos and enable you to make changes. People enjoy the imaginative way I work and are delighted by its success.


Specific Coaching for ...

  • Transition and change

  • Career choices

  • Success in interviews

  • Starting a new position

  • Dealing with difficult conversations

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Being successful with difficult relationships

  • Well being and stress

  • Improving your strategic performance

  • Strengthening your profile with others

  • Enhancing your self-awareness, self confidence, self efficacy and resilience

  • Successfully managing the impact of life events

Psychometric Testing:
Qualified MBTI Practitioner

I work with teams and individuals to understand your Myers Briggs personality type and how they fit with one another. This enhances team functioning and improves our own social and emotional intelligence. It makes a massive difference to how we understand our own and other people's worlds.



You and your organisations often need the credibility of an independent person evaluating an aspect of your service or the stakeholders who care about it. I have experience and the familiarity with the local environment to do that. Contact me today.


Coaching Supervision

Working as a coach is exciting, exhilarating and exhausting; it requires us to be at our best and ensure we ‘put on our oxygen masks on before we assist others’. I believe that coaching supervision is essential for coaching to be effective.

Coaching supervision gives coaches a space to reflect, to be with discomfort, take a step back, investigate and learn. Supervisees approach it with enthusiasm, openness and curiosity which enhance that process.

I start with hearing from you about your purpose for supervision, where you would like to focus and match that with what I offer. During the sessions I intend that your experience is one that is facilitative, supportive, open, respectful and boundaried, one where you reflect, learn and develop.


Our Prices

You will see that I work across a number of sectors and with individuals; as these vary, so do our price ranges. Through a discussion with you we come to an agreed arrangement in line with the value offered.

The Salix Space
A holding place for growth

The Salix Space is very different experience. It is a workshop facilitated by a qualified associate and me; we create a catalytic space for you and others to explore something new or an uncomfortable issue or feeling you want to shift. We use a combination of yogic movement, guided reflection plus breath and coaching enquiry, this provides a holding space for growth.

Its good for small groups of individuals, networks or teams working on change.

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