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The Salix Space
A holding place for growth

During the Global Pandemic Alison Partridge (a yoga teacher) and I worked together; through the confluence of meditative practice, yoga-inspired movement, breath work and coaching inquiry we created an experience of exploration and restoration, we named this, the Salix Space.


We are now offering this experience to you, your teams and to your industry.


Here we enable participants to explore uncomfortable places with safety. We have worked on ‘being uncomfortable with Covid’ and on issues that people brought themselves. This space is ideal for preparing for difficult conversations or for time out during challenging teamwork.We have found that it can helpfully shift the internal discussion from the cognitive to the creative and feeling level. We believe it will work well in supporting explorations of issues such as conflict, racism, ageing, fear, loss, climate etc.

Evaluation comments have been:


‘I liked the energy boost, the balancing of the body, the physical grounding and stretching of upper body linked with breath and gaze.’


‘I got in touch with a part of me that had been quite disabled, it gave me a new perspective’.


‘There’s something unique about having a dedicated amount of time to write the issue down and distil it into just a few words.’


‘Such simple, clean, clear questions gave an expectation of agency’.


FAQs about the Salix Space


What is it?

The Salix Space is virtual; we set the context for you to explore different perspectives on your ‘why is this happening’ question. Or just to explore an area, either somatic or emotional of discomfort.

Is it a new practice?

Yes, so far 50 people have experienced it. We have consulted on it and taken advice on how best to deliver it. The evaluations have been overall tremendously positive.

What happens in the Salix Space?

Those who have experienced it often report a significant shift in how they see their question or their experience.

How is it done?

You give us a topic or, choose to bring your own. We shape the experience in line with your requests; we then guide you through it. There will be short meditations, movement, breakout rooms and journaling.

Key to the scaffold of Salix Space are the agreements we make with you. These are sent to participants before we meet and are discussed again in the ‘room’. This is part of the process of building safety.

Teams. We envisage that for teams choosing to work through specific issues, spending time in the virtual Salix Space will facilitate an atmosphere of openness and presence; it’s here that shifts in perspectives are welcomed in.


Can it be done sitting in a chair or do we have to be on a yoga mat?

Participants  work from a comfortable sitting position, either on the floor,  on a mat or on a chair. others prefer to sit on a mat.

How long does it take?

Using Zoom and creating a virtual space it usually takes two hours. Working face to face may take longer as participants will need to find safe discussion spaces.

What are the next steps?

Contact us and when we meet, we will start with focusing on your intention and plan from there.

What is the cost?

We have a range according to the type of organisation or whether you are attending as a team or as an individual. The discussion is part of the set up.

Where can I find out more?

Click here to view or download a PDF document with more information about the service.

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